A digital share register for Belgian companies

Are you managing a Belgian BV/SRL or NV/SA? Make the switch to a digital share register and enjoy the peace of mind a digital share register may offer.

Keep track of all important information


Keep track of the personal details or corporate details of your shareholders.


Register transactions in your share register including transfers, incorporation and share issuances.

Add category of shares

Easily add, edit and remove categories and link categories to shares.

Shareholder rights

Register shareholder rights, including transfer restrictions and voting rights, in accordance with the new Belgian Code of Companies and Associations.

Future proof your business

Easily track ultimate beneficiary information for the UBO-register

With the ability to track information linked to your company’s shareholders you are able to speed up the UBO registration.

Keep up with the increased requirements under the new Belgian Code of Companies and Associations

Supports the increased amount of information that needs to be captured in the share register, such as shareholder rights.

Store documents linked to transaction and your share register

Securely store documents supporting transaction such as share purchase agreements.

Provide others with the information they need

Generate extracts of the share register

Give your shareholders an e-signed copy confirming the registration of a transaction in your company’s register.

Store multiple companies in one single place

Managing multiple companies? Easily keep track of all share registers in one single platform.

Easily export overviews of key information

Export overviews of your company’s shareholders, transactions and current share ownership and share this information with your advisors.

Go back in time to review historic data

With our ‘time machine’ function, you may go back to review your share ownership at a specific point in time in history.

Industry leading e-signatures powered by Connective

Clarico is powered by Connective's digital signatures platform (eSignatures) which is also used by itsme® and companies such as BNP Paribas Fortis, ING and SD Worx. This means you can sign with your e-ID and create a 'qualified electronic signature', equivalent in legal value to a handwritten signature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Electronic share registers are allowed by law. The new Belgian Companies Code explicitly allows Belgian companies to maintain their share register in an electronic format 👩‍⚖️. Just make sure the board of directors approves to move the company’s shareholder register to an electronic platform. This can be done in simple board minutes 📄. In addition, the law also requires that signatures in the electronic share registers are made electronically. We partnered with Connective and offer e-signatures on Clarico, so all good on our side 🤩!

Yes. Signatures in the shareholder register are not subject to any special signing instructions. As a result, the general rules in relation to signatures apply. The electronic signatures on Clarico are therefore admissible in evidence under Article 1322 of the Belgian Civil Code and Article 25 of the eIDAS Regulation.

When an existing company creates an electronic share register, the situation existing on the date of the transfer of the register needs to be registered in the electronic share register. Transactions from the past are not required to be transferred to the electronic share register. The paper register needs to be kept at the registered office of the company with a view to proving the entries made prior to the creation of the electronic register.

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