Manage your share register. Easily.

Manage the share register of your company online and sign all transactions electronically on Clarico. Clarico helps you maintain and protect your share register.

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Never again lose your share register

A share register is similar to the insurance papers in your car: you don't need it much, but when you do it is an indispensable document. All Belgian companies are also required to have a share register. Enjoy the peace of mind and make sure you comply with this requirement.

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Digitally sign your share register

Clarico is powered by Connective's digital signatures platform which is also used by itsme® and companies such as BNP Paribas Fortis, ING and SD Worx. Easily send a request for signing to your shareholders so they too can sign remotely and securely. You’ll never have to move the share register around!

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Key data at a glance

Physical share registers are hard to read. We consolidate all data included in your register on an easy-to-use dashboard, so you immediately see key data: the names of each shareholder and how much shares they own in the company. Need to see who your ‘Ultimate Beneficial Owners’ (UBOs) are for the UBO-Register? Don’t look further!

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Accessible 24/7, wherever

Access your shareholder register from wherever you are and on any device. Share access with your accountant, lawyer or bank without needing to have to ship or deliver the physical share register book.

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