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We provide anyone who manages and runs a business with an online platform that makes it easy to stay on top of legal formalities, so you can focus on your business and save time and money.

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Do you also feel intimidated by the administrative paperwork and legal requirements when running your business? Like you, we are frustrated with the amount of time and money we need to spend to meet certain legal requirements.

Clarico lets you manage and update your shareholder register.

A register for the 21st Century.

Reduce Errors to a Minimum

Clarico's built-in safety mechanisms reduces the amount of risk of errors in your businesses' shareholder register to an absolute minimum.

Accessible from Anywhere With a 24/7 Backup

Access your shareholder register from wherever you are, while having the peace of mind that your shareholder register cannot be lost.

Grant Access to Third Parties

Save time by granting access to third parties such as lawyers, banks and accountants. No need to physically bring the shareholder register to your advisors.

Access to Lawyer-Drafted Templates

Clarico grants you access to template board minutes, drafted by experienced lawyers. Easily complete the template text to finalize professional board minutes.

Be Reminded of Upcoming Meetings

You decide the frequency and interval of the board meetings. After that, Clarico will remind all directors of upcoming meetings and share the agenda.

Keep an Overview of all Meetings

Securely store all board minutes in one single place, so that you always have a record of previous decisions and discussions.

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Clarico helps you conduct and record board meetings.

One-Stop-Shop Board Meetings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Clarico currently supports two company types in Belgium: the BVBA/SPRL and the NV/SA. The Belgian Companies Code explicitly provides for the ability to keep the shareholder register in electronic format for the NV/SA. The only requirement is that the board of directors has to take the decision (as with any other decision) to move the company’s shareholder register to an electronic platform. For the BVBA/SPRL, the Belgian Companies Code is silent. Our view is that, since the Belgian Companies Code does not explicitly forbids the keeping of the shareholder register in an electronic format for the BVBA, this is allowed.

Yes. Signatures in the shareholder register are not subject to any special signing instructions. As a result, the general rules in relation to signatures apply. The electronic signatures on Clarico are therefore admissible in evidence under Article 1322 of the Belgian Civil Code and Article 25 of the eIDAS Regulation.

Keep it as a relic of the past… or not. In the setting up of your company on Clarico you should have provided us with a scan of the share register. As long as you keep a scan of the shareholder register up to the time you switched to Clarico (if you even had a physical shareholder register before), everything is fine. We will keep the scan in a secured place so you don’t lose it. What you do with your physical shareholder register after that, is op to you.

We believe legal shouldn’t be expensive

Our mission is to leverage the power of technology to make the law more accessible. We want a better and more user-friendly interface with everything that relates to legal. Because everyone should be able to meet legal requirements and formalities without an expensive lawyer.

Our digital signatures are secure and legal

Clarico is powered by Connective's digital signatures platform (eSignatures) which is also used by itsme® and companies such as BNP Paribas Fortis, ING and SD Worx. This means you can sign with your e-ID and create a 'qualified electronic signature', equivalent in legal value to a handwritten signature.

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